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texas community. as the son of a world war ii army veteran, as a 31-year army reserve and national guard veteran myself, as the father of four sons serving today in the american military with a nephew serving in baghdad i know military members support each other as family. america's extended military family across the world deeply care for our fellow family members at minority hood -- members at fort hood. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from missouri. mr. skelton: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that the gentleman from texas, mr. edwards, be permitted to control the remainder of my time. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. edwards: mr. speaker, i yield one minute to my friend and colleague, the chairman of the subcommittee on the house armed services committee, the subcommittee on readiness, the gentleman from texas, mr. ortiz, for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute. mr. ortiz: mr. speaker, today i rise in honor of tho
nation was shocked to learn that a shooting had taken place at fort hood, texas. one of the largest military bases in our country. over the course of these initial news reports, we were saddened to learn that at least 13 soldiers were killed, and more than 30 were wounded, including the alleged assailant and the officer who brought an end to the shooting. what was shocking was that a fellow member was alleged to have carried out this vicious attack on his comrades in arms. yesterday a fellow soldier opened fire on these unsuspecting patriots and those civilians and soldiers who were supporting them. while many of those who were there were spare from the flying bullets, a number of these courageous soldiers and civilians were wounded, and they will face months, perhaps even years, recovering from their wounds. the heartaches of these individuals and their families will be compounded by the fact that they will face these challenges knowing that they were injured in the line of duty by any individual from within their own ranks. the following days and months to come, these individuals
this together. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas. mr. edwards: yesterday marked -- mr. mccaul: yesterday marked a dark and painful chapter in america history and the state of texas. the people across this nation are devastated when they heard the news that soldiers and civilians of the united states army at fort hood, texas, were attacked by the least likely of assailants. it was, in short, an act of treason. i want to first thank my colleague and good friend, representative john carter of texas, who represents fort hood in his district, for introducing this legislation to give all members of congress the opportunity to stand here today and support of the brave men and women at fort hood and their families in such a time of trial. fort hood lies just north of my district, north of austin. it's in central texas, many of us all across this nation have constituents who have gone through fort hood to train for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. . i have had many constituents who trained at fort hood. yesterday was a drark chapter. in the aftermath we learned that 13 o
dead. it's in ft. hood, texas, where more than a dozen people have been shot. there are reports that seven people have died, another 12 injured. our nbc affiliate kcen are reporting three suspects with two wearing military uniforms. ft. hood currently under lockdown. there are reports that one of the gunman has been arrested. let's go to the mayor pro tem from texas. what can you tell us? can you update us at all. i know this is an ongoing thing. what is happening there right now? >> the information is that 20 people have been shot. nine are fatalities. >> can you tell us about how this happened? about the gunmen, how they got into the base and how these events unfolded? [ inaudible ] >>mayor, can you tell us how this started to unfold? at what time and exactly when did people realize -- where did this happen? was it just out in the open or in a particular building? [ inaudible ] >> can you tell us how serious those injuries may be? [ inaudible ] >> is it true we heard reports that at least there were three gunmen and at least one of them is in custody. do you know that as a fac
. i yield back. . the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas. mr. barton: i'd like to recognize congressman frank wolf of virginia for an unanimous consent question. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. wolf: i rise in opposition to the bill. our nation is going broke. thank you. mr. barton: mr. speaker, i want to recognize a former f.b.i. man from the great state of michigan, mr. rogers, for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. rogers: thank you, mr. speaker. there are huge consequences to the 85% of americans who have earned their health care in this bill. not only will they get longer wait times, more expensive premiums, but at the end of that with new debts of $1.5 trillion in new spending 18 million americans won't have coverage. but more importantly, there will be another victim. there's nothing more safer than the bond between a mother and a child, that trust, that love, that nurturing when that child is sick. and when a mother goes to the doctor under that 2,000-page bill, that relationship that they en
texas. the people across this nation are devastated when they heard the news that soldiers and civilians of the united states army at fort hood, texas, were attacked by the least likely of assailants. it was, in short, an act of treason. i want to first thank my colleague and good friend, representative john carter of texas, who represents fort hood in his district, for introducing this legislation to give all members of congress the opportunity to stand here today and support of the brave men and women at fort hood and their families in such a time of trial. fort hood lies just north of my district, north of austin. it's in central texas, many of us all across this nation have constituents who have gone through fort hood to train for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. . i have had many constituents who trained at fort hood. yesterday was a drark chapter. in the aftermath we learned that 13 of our finest americans were killed and several dozen more were wounded. this senseless act of horror betrayed our -- betrays our respect and deepest sempthi for life. our thoughts and pr
somebody knock off texas. you mentioned the a and m game at the end of the year. >> in the stocking position but key point to remember about cincinnati was the fact that west virginia, illinois and pittsburgh are still ahead. it is a tough row ahead. here's frazier, deep middle, incomplete. clock stops at 1:21. i just think that we have to tip our hat to uconn here tonight. you and lisa have talked about the tragedy they've had to deal with with the death of jasper howard, the tough games they've been in and yet, there's something about a group of kids who don't quit. life is not easy and sometimes never fair and you learn how to deal with it and my hat's off to how they hung in he tonight and they're still coming. that was easily taken down by battle. >> the resiliency of this program has been on display the last few weeks and we have to step back and have a real appreciation of this program. >> absolutely. frazier got an open target and his big tig e across midfield. that's ryan griffin, red shirt freshman, out of new jersey. outstanding young player and certainly be hearing more
. in killeen, texas, home of fort hood, there has been an awful shooting at fort hood, and police now confirm that seven people have been murdered, at least 12 wounded in a mass shooting on the property. the attack happened at what they called the soldier readiness center. army personnel said that they do not know if they are civilians or not. the army is setting up an operations center to handle the response, and i can only imagine how many people in our audience have some connection to the wonderful folks at fort hood where this has just happened. if we have more information, we will get it to you. here are the facts. seven people are murdered, 12 wounded. we do not know whether they are civilian or military, and we know that it happened at the soldier readiness center. we expect more information and live reports to come in from there in the minutes ahead. this has just happened. there is a man in custody, according to authority. the man who is believed to be responsible is now in custody. we are working to get more on this breaking news and we will have more right after the commercial brea
at fort hood, texas, where police say there has been a mass shooting. >> reporter: this is unfolding now. details, of course, are sketching right now. but here's what we do know. the army is confirming that seven people are dead and at least 20 wounded in what police are calling a mass shooting. there are reports of at least one person in police custody and one suspect on the loose. the base is on lockdown right now. schools in nearby kilean, texas are also being locked down. the shooting took place at the warrior combat readiness stress. it is about halfway between tilline and -- killine and waco. >> denise, thank you. >>> of course, we'll monitor the situation and bring you any developments as we get them. >>> house of horrors. police are dismantling the home of a convicted sex offender, while family and friends come forward. >> reporter: police were back inside anthony sowle's home. looking for bodies. they cut into walls, ceilings, floors, looking for victims. across the street, flyers of missing women now adorn a piece of plywood, torn to a fence. >> this was kimberly sharp. she was
who has been working diligently for freedom, mr. kevin brady from texas. >> you are the cavalry. i don't know about you, but standing here on the capitol steps, can you feel the arrogance? can you fill the arrogance of that capital and this white house? how dare you question their health care bill? how dare you want to read their health care bill? we are here today to stop this, but not just that. when history writes the story of this debate, when our children ask where we stood, let them say we stood for less government, less taxes, and more freedom. with your help, we will deliver that for our kids. god bless you. >> texas' is full of wonderful patriots. >> thank you everybody for being here today. this is a spectacular example of why the constitution is an important document. for you to come to the steps and disagree with the government in charge. decisions are made by those who show up. you have shown up today to stop this bill. call your member of congress and call the speaker and tell her to kill this bill. god bless each one of you, god bless texas, and god bless this country. @
, the gentleman from texas, mr. barton, the gentleman from new york, mr. rangel, the gentleman from michigan, mr. camp, the gentleman from california, mr. george miller, and ntry in every one of our districts, in every one of our towns and counties. and the anxiety of the them a family that finds itself paying more and more each year for the health insurance that grows weaker and weaker, in the frustration of the small business owner weighing the choices of dropping her employees' coverage by threat of being driven out of business by her competitors and in the fury of the patient who learns that an insurance company bureaucrat has deemed thyme sick for the coverage he paid for. they are our families, our neighbors, our fellow citizens. they are waiting for health insurance reform that is more affordable, more secure, more just. their stories will be with me and i know with each of us when we cast our vote. because i want to say to he was american facing down illness, never again, never again will you be denied coverage because you have diabetes or asthma or some other disease or because you're p
about. >> we are still gathering more information about the breaking news at fort hood, texas, that has left several dea the base is located about 60 miles away from austin. complete coverage begins now with teri okita, beginning for wjz. as many as 12 people are dead and 30 are wounded. well, we'll have more on that story. but in the meantime, let me tell you that a fort hood military officer updated the situation very recently. complete coverage with vic carter in the newsroom. >> sally, i'll take it from here. a gunman opened fire, killing 11 soldiers. one local police officer who works on the base was also killed. at least 31 other people were injured. the gunman was killed at the scene. two other soldiers were arrested and suspected accomplices. >> at this time, the numbers that we're looking at are 12 dead and 31 wounded. and they're dispersed among the local hospitals here in the central texas area. again, the extent of injuries varies significantly. and again, we're getting great cooperation from the central texas medical facilities. >>> as i said, the shooter was killed. he wa
attack. a soldier opens fire at fort hood in texas. at least 12 people including the gunman is killed, and 31 wounded. i'm katie couric. it happened at a medical facility where soldiers are screened before deployment. >> we needed to seek shelter immediately, close and lock our doors and windows. at that point we didn't know there had been this mass shooting. >> couric: the entire base was locked down and two additional arrestes were made. this tragedy plays out amid growing concern about violence on military bases as america fights two wars. >> it's difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. soil. >> couric: good evening, everyone. it is the last place you'd expect american soldiers to come under attack-- their own military base. but that's what happened today at fort hood in colleen, texas, midway between austin and waco. it's america's largest military base. today, according to the army, a soldier opened fire inside a soldier readiness center, a facility with military
at are 12 dead and 31 wounded. dispursed along the local hospitals here in the central texas area. >>> trying to fill us in a little bit on the news conference. just a few minutes ago. we have a note for you that they are described the largest u.s. military installation in the world. we don't know why it has happenedded. >> this is where they go to be deployed. if you have administrative things that need to be taken care of as you heard from cone, this is where it happened. this is a base where a lot of troops are in and out of the base. the army going in and out of it here. this is a busy area with a lot of folks around. that meant a lot of tarts for this shooter this afternoon. >> we want to bring in the saint who used to command fort hood and general saint, we know you spent time out there. tell us a bit more about the connection to some of the people that you may still have there. what are you feeling, what are you hearing? >> fort hood is one of the largest posts of the united states. it's combat post. based on afghanistan and iraq and the soldiers and the unit, they use thes
] >> the great state of texas sends all starts -- all sorts of great individuals here to washington. >> for my part as a foot soldier in the fight to restore the american republic and take back this capital for we, the people, it has always been my solemn covenant to my country and my constituents that i will always keep my word, of always honor and adhere to the constitution and do everything in my power to get the government out of my pocket and let texas run texas. they could very much. -- thank you very much. >> there are freedom lovers from northwest to southeast. one from the northwest, greg walden from oregon. >> thank you very much. i think there are people here from oregon today. where are you? for nearly 22 years, my wife and i were small-business owners. we know what it is like to sign the back side of a payroll check and the front side of a payroll check. that we tell you, this bill that nancy pelosi is putting forward to take over health care kills jobs, hurt small business, and herds this country. thank you for being here to help us stop it, and know that we have the republican a
mecÁnica y esta en cuidados intensivos.acompaÑado por el gobernador de texas, los mÉdicos que tratan dÍas -10 de los heridos de la masacre, tienen buenas noticias. >> cuatro pacientes se fueron,algunos tienen heridas tan graves que es difÍcil pronosticar un futuro. >> cuesta entender la masacre humana producida.el psiquiatra del ejÉrcito disparÓ mÁs de 100 balazos en minutos,el saldo,13 muertos y 30 heridos,entre los que se encuentra el atacante. >> en su mensaje semanal por internet, el presidente obama dijo que el crimen es contra la naciÓn, contra los soldados valientes de los estados unidos,producido en un lugar donde not deberÍa ser seguro.el lugar seguro es un centro de transiciÓn donde los soldados se preparan para partir hacia irak o afganistÁn.el sospechoso estaba muy preocupado porque lo mandaran a la guerra.el hombre que le alquilÓ el departamento donde viviÓ el agresor los Últimos cuatro meses, no puede creer que el inquilino haya sido capaz de tanta violencia. >> bÁsicamente nosotros no sabemos cuÁndo vamos a traer a esa persona que nos para la -va a hacer la vid
>>> there's breaking news tonight. a mass shooting at ft. hood in texas, the largest military base in the nation. at least 12 are dead, dozens wounded. among the dead, the accused gunman, a u.s. army major. "nightly news" bins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. there's no other way to put it, there's been a mass murder on the grounds of the largest military base in this country. ft. hood in texas. and when the shooting stopped, 12 people were dead, 31 injured. the soldier identified as the initial gunman here is an army psychiatrist, nadal malik hasan. he's an officer, a major, and he was apparently armed with two handguns. he is now dead. the shooting took place inside what's called a soldier readiness facility. that's where soldiers and their families go prior to deployments and once they're home. two more soldiers were also arrested initially. sirens repeatedly sounded on the grounds of the base, warning people to stay inside buildings and base housing. we have the entire story covered tonight. we begin it all with our pentagon correspondent jim
here in texas. >> tonight, a surprising bombshell about the suspected shooter. >> he seemed so calm, and he was never upset with anything. >> his global ties and a high- tech warning signs. >> live team coverage starts now. >> we have significant breaking developments on that mass shooting at fort hood in texas. we have learned a suspected shooter was not killed in the attack. major nidal malik hasan is accused of killing 12 and wounding at least 30 others. he was a mental health expert and he worked at the walter reed army medical center before moving to texas. john gonzales has the latest on the suspected gunman. chris has more on the latest breaking details. >> the story continues to develop. we have just learned that the suspect is alive. earlier reports told us that he was dead. the police officer who shotringm that this was a tragic day at >> paramedics and soldiers the wounded survivors momentster a deadlyamt 12 people dead and dozens injured on the grounds of fort hood, texas. >> the shooter is not dead, but in custody and in stable condition. >> the shooter, major nidal mal
. in 2003, texas passed the sweeping medical reform, and the results have been better than expected. according to the texas medical association, charity care rose 24% in the three years following the reforms. texas is licensed almost 15,000 new since the reform passed. that's 36% increase from prereform. but this is what is very important. 33 rural counties have seen a net gain in emergency room physicians, including 26 counties that previously had none. after years of decline, the ranks of medical specialist are glowing in texas. in my field of obstetrics, texas saw a net loss in the two years proceeding reform. since the state has -- since then the state has experienced a net gain of 192 obstetricians, they have added an ob doctor, including ten counties that previously had none. a vote against this amendment will reaffirm that the commitment is not to our nations doctors, but to the nations trial attorneys, a vote for this amendment will tell america's doctors that we are committed to putting in place reforms that will allow them to do their job. interesting, we're talking about
>> due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> in texas, two mormon missionaries disappeared. they were last seen heading to a taxidermist. the remains of their body were found on the blade of a saw. the man they were supposed to meet was robert l.kleason, a man who claimed to be a skooi spy and a war hero. a man who traveled under several aliases, and a man sentenced to death on the grounds of strong circumstantial evidence for murder. >> i'm not the monster that i was portrayed. and if they dig a little deeper, they'll find out i'm just an everyday sort of guy. >> he's different. he has a certain glow about him that's not your typical person. >> maybe the most dangerous man i ever met. >> robert kleason's connection to these murders is only the beginning of the story. he was found living in a house full of weapons, with access to another saw. but this time he wasn't in texas. he was in the heart of a british community. >> he was deranged. he was frightening. >> he was potentially a mad man. he really was. >> for almost ten years, the northern market town of bart
wounded at a mass shooting at the mass of fort hood army base near waco, texas. the base has been closed as investigators expect the worst and neighbors pray for the best. >> this is a city unto itself, and those of us surrounding fort hood are praying for everyone to be ok. >> an army spokesman at the pentagon said the shootings began at a personnel and medical processing center at fort hood. may have involved at least two gunmen. >> it would take a great deal of planning and also felt security on the base. >> spoke shooters are said to be in custody, but neither their identities nor those of the victims have been released yet. >> again, the updated numbers, there are 12 dead, 31 injured at fort hood. we invite you to stay with us and we will bring you updates throughout the next 90 minutes on nbc nightly news at 6:30 and then on 11 of news tonight. we are also falling late breaking news on our website, wbaltv.com. >> new court filings offer a clear glimpse on how mayor sheila dixon will defend herself on monday as her trial begins. >> is she too honest to steal from the poor? that is w
textbook adoption committees, particularly in california and texas. those are the places where these various pressure groups focus their attention. >> every group wants to impose its will on textbooks. trying to brain wash or propagandize children in the hopes thinking they will grow up thinking about things the way you want them to think about things. so if you are a left-wing maxist group, you want them to grow up thinking that america is an oppressive capitalist plot to undo the working class. if you are a conservative group, you want kids to grow up thinking that america is a perfect place where everybody should enthusiastically wave the flag. >> and publishers began reacting to all these precious by censoring whatever was submitted to them. this is so deeply engrained in the textbook industry that they don't even have to be pressured anymore. >> the point is not to teach but to indoctrinate? >> the point is to create a world that doesn't exist. and to sanitize and clean up the world as it does exist. >> the forces of political correctness are at it again. >> boy were both
, and the numbers have gone up to 13 killed, 43 injured in that single attack on ft. hood in texas. and a new picture is emerging of this accused gunman literally and figuratively. the army major, a trained psychiatrist. as we now know much more about his past and his personal life. again, tonight we have all of it covered, beginning with lester holt in ft. hood tonight. lester, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. the accused shooter, who himself was shot and wounded, has been transferred to the brook army medical center in san antonio. that's about 150 miles from here. he is in stable condition in the intensive care unit there. meantime, his former comrades back here are left to wonder why and also to wonder whether anyone could have or should have seen this coming. the army's top brass at ft. hood today leading soldiers in a moment of silence, exactly 24 hours after one of their own turned this stateside post into a battleground. >> i'll tell you candidly, this was a kick in the gut. not only for the ft. hood community but also for our entire army. >> reporter: officials today c
military base in history. the attack at ft. hood, texas, left at least 12 people dead and 31 others wounded. the alleged gunman, major nidal malik hasan, was wounded in the attack. relatives say he opposed the wars in rask and afghanistan and was upset at the process spegt of being shipped overseas. manuel gallegus is at ft. hood. >> reporter: the suspected shooter is on a ventilator and up conscious this morning at this hour after being shot four times and authorities here at ft. hood are just trying to piece together why this happened. it's a day of mourning today in ft. hood, texas. the scene of the worst killing spree ever at a u.s. military base. >> there was a single shooter that was shot multiple times at the scene. however, he was not killed as previously reported. >> reporter: authorities say the shooter is 39-year-old major nidal malik hasan, a military psychiatrist who was reportedly about to be shipped overseas. he apparently walked into a processing center thursday afternoon and opened fire on his fellow comrades. at least 12 people died, 312 others were wounded, including stev
the motive. >>> the news at 6 starts right now. >> i want to give you the latest out of fort hood texas. a mass shooting as you heard. at least 12 dead. 31 injured. >> we're learning the suspect has been as an army major. the he is from virginia. we're told he was armed with two handguns and shot dead by a officer. we're not sure of all their identities but one of dead is a police officer from that part of texas just outside killeen. that is north of austin, south of waco. officials say two other soldiers are being questioned. who they are and what role they play in this attack, we don't know. the apparent target was soldier processing center where servicemen and women go for shipping out to war and returning. >> terrible tragedy. as identify gone around to the hospital and been at the scene, the soldiers and family members are devastated. >> the fbi is heading up the investigation. no motive established at this mass killing at the largest u.s. installation in the world. >> just to clarify shooting details. we understand the major had two handguns, not his military issued m-16. >> i don
. >> at least 12 people shot dead at the military base in fort hood, texas. new information on the gunman. >> i'm always looking around my surroundings right now. >> raped in the city of baltimore. what police are doing to try to catch a suspect. >>> showers make their way through central maryland. free watch for tonight and cold temperatures but warmer air on the way for the weekend. details in my sky watch forecast e.anything goes on wanda new talk show. how she plans to get her guest to relax. >> that will get the conversation flowing. >> good evening. 12 people shot dead in the state of texas. 31 others injured at a military base in fort hood. >> officials say one of the gun men a soldier has been killed. 2 other soldiers taken into custody as possible suspects. shooting happened at soldier readiness center. >> foort hood is northeast of austin, texas home base to at least 5000 active duty officers. president expressed sympathy for the victims and family just minutes ago. again to recap. 12 dead at least 31 injured and mass shootings on the fort hood military ba
>>> this morning on "early today," tragedy in texas. a gunman opens fire the a u.s. military base, leaving 12 people dead. >>> tables turned. new york city's once celebrated top cop in the wake of 9/11 pleads guilty to corruption charges. >>> an outrage after a concert to celebrate the fall of the berlin wall was blocked by a wall. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning, everyone. i'm dan kloeffler. today we begin with a military massacre. this morning a devastated texas military community is trying to figure out what triggered one of their own to open fire on fellow military members. the gun shots erupted at ft. hood, killing a dozen people in what has become the nation's worst ever mass killing on a u.s. military base. for more we go to nbc's jay gray live in texas for us. a lot of heavy hearts and a lot of questions. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, dan. as you talk about the situation here, still very difficult to comprehend, especially for those that call this place home. preparing to travel to the front lines in afghanistan and iraq, dozens of
at the massive army post in texas. fox news has now confirmed his name, malik nadal hasan, and he apparently worked at the army medical center before today's attack. we have been given a great deal of information about this man. we know he was a convert to islam, and we are waiting for a news conference of this man, this picture we now have on the screen. we are told it will begin in the next few minutes, and our cameras are trained on it, and we will take you there when it begins. the shooting began at 1:30 p.m. local time at a soldier readiness center. that is an area on the post, where troops look at medical tests before heading off to war. witnesses say the killer had not one but two handguns. >> the shooter opened fire and essentially drew the quick response of the police forces and was killed. shepard: now, the first image is that the military has released that showed the immediate aftermath of this attack. there were initial reports of other possible shooters, and we know the military also has a two other suspects, as we -- they are calling them come in custody, but we do not know if
. >>> we are keeping up with the breaking news out of fort hood, texas. the army says tonight one shooter has been killed and two others are in custody. they are all three u.s. soldiers. 31 people have been wounded. the base remains on lockdown. officials are close to resolving the situation. we'll continue to cover this story on abc2news.com. >>> the federal government's cash for clunkers program moved cars off auto lots for five weeks this summer. maryland did well selling 17,000 cars. that was then. this is now. local dealers say they are hurting more now compared to the months prior to the program. we are joining to break down the numbers. >> reporter: it seemed like a win/win situation. the government offered $4500 to trade in a gas guzzling clunker for a newer car. now what what automobile dealer calls a clunker hangover. in the months that followed sales were lost as customers shopped for a car that was no longer on the lot. so the program that was mean to spur the economy has once again slowed down auto sales. >> for most of september we didn't have many cars on the lot at all. if
killeen, texas. the post is on lock downright now. nobody can get in, nobody can leave. officials at the post are briefing reporters right now. here is a bit of that from lieutenant general bob cone. >> at this time the numbers that we are look at is 12 dead and 31 wounds. they is dispersed athe local hospitals here. the extent of injuries varies significantly. we are getting great cooperation from the central texas medical facilities. the shooting was killed. he was a soldier. we have apprehended two additional soldiers that are suspects. i would go into the point there were eyewitness accounts that there may have been more than one shooter. they were apprehended. they are soldiers but again they are suspects at this time. we're looking into that. the challenge that we face right now -- >> reporter: the largest active duty army post in the u.s. units based at ford hood have served in the gulf war and iraq and afghanistan. at the white house this afternoon press secretary robert gates said president obama is being kept up to date on the mass killing. we are expecting to hear from
? >> and now "bbc world news." >> a major incident in a u.s. army base in the world, at fort hood in texas. the palestinian president will not run for office again, he blames the impasse in middle east talks. and angry in germany, the car jobs are down by g.m., being cut 10,000 jobs. welcome to "bbc world news", coming up later. japan's baby bonus, the government is giving couples cash to encourage more children. and coming to a heavy weight rumble. >> hello, let's turn first of all to the fatal shooting of the u.s. biggest army base, fort hood, texas, seven killed and 31 wounded. fort hood is home of ten's of thousand of military personnel, the troops were in readiness facility preparing for leaving abroad when the shooting started. we have sergeant cone. >> a shooter was in a facility where they were getting ready to deploy, a shoot -- shooter opened fire and due to the quick response of the police form was killed. the numbers are 12 dead and 31 wounded. and they are nwcôdispersed amo the local hospitals here in central texas. the intent of injuries vary significantly, and we are gett
in that shooting rampage at fort hood next to killeen, texas. we can tell you, one of the dead victims is a civilian police officer, contracted by the military to work there on post. we're told that president obama will address this shooting rampage now. let's listen live. >> please, everybody, have a seat. let me thank the entire department of the interior staff for organizing just an extraordinary conference. i want to thank my cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. i hear that dr. joe medicine crowe was around and i want to give out a show shout out to that congressional medal of honor winner. it is good to see you. my understanding is that you had an extremely productive conference. i want to thank all of you for coming and for your efforts, and i want to give you my solemn guarantee that this is not the end of a process but the beginning of a process, and that we are going to follow up. we a going to follow up much every member of my team understands this is a top priority for us. i want you to know, as i said this morning, this is not somethin
. it was ordered for texas and first published in 2002. it's still used today in second grade classrooms. two thanksgivings might be the standard in el paso but fox news reporting discovered this 2003 edition in a small town in new jersey. >> if you were to think that a child would believe that there are two thanksgivings for the whole country, i think that's highly unlikely that the way that the book is written. >> here on pages 46 through 49, we live together says the first thanksgiving was all about a lack of water for people walking up the el camino path in 1598. the pilgrims in the may flower aren't mentioned pages 136 through 139. >> they came to america for a better life. the pilgrims built a colony built plymouth. >> we are trying to make sure everybody has an equal opportunity in this country so the textbooks reflect that. james banks a leader in that area. >> james banks is the lead author of "we live together." he says banks was a prominent consultant for 1993's reflecting diversity. multi cultural guidelines for educational publishing professionals. >> he developed guidelines at t
major suspected of killing 13 at fort hood in texas remains hospitalized and on a ventilator. malik nidal hasan was shot by two civilian police officers. the investigation into hasan, an american-born muslim, waiting deployment to afghanistan, continues at this hour. we will tell you about hasan's background, bring you the latest reaction from fort hood, along with stories of heroism in the face of danger, and also show you what the president said today about thursday's tragedy. meanwhile, another deadly shooting today. this time, in florida. police in or orlando say the man who shot and killed one and injureed at least five others is in custody. jason rodriguez surrendered to authorities in his mother's home after opening fire at an engineering firm where he was let go a few years back. police searched for the 40-year-old suspect for hours. he is believed to have been the only shooter. and here in washington, two big stories. did democrats on capitol hill scrambling to secure enough votes to pass a healthcare bill over a rare weekend session. we'll tell you if they think they have
. his new mission. >>> have you heard of that giant, massive plastic the size of texas floating in the middle of the pacific called the great eastern pacific garbage patch? in august a group of scientist looked into the impact the trash is having on the environment. >> as soon as we got to the area, we started sampling with our troll nets which are only about a meter wide. and unfortunately between the two research vessels we had in the ocean, we found plastic in every single sample over 3,500 miles of sampling. the pervasiveness of this small material, plastic does not biodegrade, most of it does not. but it photodegrade. that means that uv influence on the plastic when it comes -- the larger pieces which can be -- many things are just household items which somehow find their way into the ocean into this middle where currents are basically swirling in the middle of the pacific, all of this debris gets broken down by the sun and it gets into smaller and smaller pieces. when you look out over the water, it looks beautiful. but when you look down, you see all of these particles. i
mark on a texas >>> welcome back. we're going to get back to our top story, that tragedy at ft. hood. soldiers from all over the country are stationed there. but many of them are from right there in texas. >> many families in houston spent the afternoon trying to reach their loved ones on the base. in this morning's "american landscape," coverage from our houston station ktrk. >> this is 13 eyewitness news tonight. >> a major development in the history risk mass shooting at ft. hood in killeen. the man investigators say killed a dozen soldiers and was shot a number of times is not dead tonight. he is a military mental health doctor who is facing deployment overseas and he is someone who has been on the federal government's radar for a few months. with ft. hood under lockdown for a number of hours today, information was very scarce. that caused some houston-area families with loved ones on the post to get a bit anxious. eric barajas is here with more. >> to say a few moms were on edge is an understatement. we caught up with two mothers who tell us they were lighting up their cell phon
developments of the shooting at fort hood, texas. army officials have confirmed that the gun used in the attack was not military issued but was the store bought. it could pierce bulletproof vests. the death toll is 13 and 23 are hospitalized. the suspected gunman fights for his life. jennifer donelan is live in fairfax county. we begin with suzanne kennedy. >> in the days leading up to the shooting, he said goodbye to his friends. the man accused of the worst mass killing on a military base acted as if the tv was gone off to work 40 opened fire -- act is as if he was going off to war before he opened fire. a midday moment of silence. flags flew at half staff to honor the 13 killed thursday at fort hood. >> this was a kick in the gut. not only for the fort hood community but our entire army. >> the alleged gunman is 39- year-old major nidal a meson. they see the psychiatrist shouted before opening fire with his weapons. >> he was sitting down. >> the were trying to determine a motive for the mass killing. he is a muslim who complained of being harassed because of his faith. among the dead are so
rampage in ft. hood, texas. 13 are dead and 30 wounded from the shooting and injuries range from minor to serious. the gunman is still alive despite earlier reports. we learned he grew up in our area, went to virginia tech and lived in bethesda as recently as this summer. president obama cancelled a planned visit to captiol hill. he will carry out with a pre- planned visit to walter reed today. >>> our coverage begins with a focus on the victims in this familiar -- tragedy. today will be a day of mourning in the ft. hood community. gun fire began yesterday afternoon at the soldier readiness center. that's for soldiers about too be deployed. some thought the gun fire was just an exercise, but then they saw people running. we learned in the last hour, a 13th person is dead. the alleged gunman is an army psychiatrist. senator kay bailey hutchinson says it makes it all the more shocking. >> it is very disconcerting when it is someone in your own military who knows the people who he was killing. it's the worst of all possible situations. >> reporter: right now the motive for the shooting is
and texas, including fourth infantry, first cavalry. first cavalry deployed to iraq. we have one dead soldier, the apparent gunman in this initial burst. at least one dead police officer. 12 total dead. 31 wounded. we are being told this soldier did all the firing with two sidearms, .9 millimeters. the president of the united states is apparently about to comment on this. >> police have a seat. let me first of all just thank ken and the entire department of the interior staff for organizing just an extraordinary conference. i want to thank my cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. i hear dr. joe medicine pro was around, so i want to give a shout out to that congressional medal of honor winner. good to see you. my understanding is that you had an extremely productive conference. i want to thank all of you for coming and for your efforts. i want to give you my solemn guarantee that this is not the end of a process but a beginning of a process, and that we are going to follow up. we are going to follow up. every single member of my team understand thi
>>> breaking news from texas. a mass shooting at the army post at ft. hood. 12 people killed, 31 others injured. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. those the shootings happened at about 1:30 this afternoon texas time. military officials say the shooter has been killed. two other suspects are in custody. authorities say all three were soldiers. the shooting happened at a soldier processing center which handles administrative details for the soldiers. scott gordon is at ft. hood now with more. >> reporter: it's still a fluid situation here at ft. hood in central texas. reporters are being kept outside the front gate as the number of dead and injured continues to rise. the u.s. army confirms 12 people dead, another 31 wounded. general bob cone confirms one gunman is dead, as are two other suspects in the custody. >> the shooter was killed. he was a soldier. we since apprehended two additional soldiers. >> an army spokesman sayshe shooting began at the processing center at the base. >> stunning. >> reporter: president obama weighed in during a speech in washington.
hood, texas. at the moment, major nidal malik hasan is alive and listed in stable condition. the military confirming he had that limit orders for afghanistan that may have been coming in three weeks' time. as we go through the morning, we are learning more and more about a possibleç motivation of the shooter, his background, and much of the information is disturbing. also getting information on the wounded. one soldier being treated for wounds has died. inç total, 13 dead, more than 1 wounded. i am bill hemmer. i will be here all morning and afternoon. martha maccallum is back in new york with the other news. martha: good morning to you. and the developments from fort hood are just one of the three stores that we need to get caught up on. health care is also a huge, the economy also. the house is expected to vote on the historic health care bill this sunday. just 30 minutes ago, we got this number. unemployment in the united states for october broke double digits, now at 10.2%. that is a huge number and it is bigger than any economists were expecting. more on both of the
, the gentleman from california, mr. waxman, and the gentleman from texas, mr. barton, each will control 30 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from california. mr. waxman: mr. speaker, i yield myself three minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. waxman: today, we consider legislation that will maintain and strengthen medicare for seniors and individuals with disabilities. a law passed in 1997, set a limit on payments to medicare physicians. the idea was to save money but the limit was set too low and required draconian cuts forcing congress to intervene with temporary fixes. in 2004, the law required a 4.5% cut. in 2008, it was 10.1% cut. this year doctors face a 21% cut. these are unsustainable cuts that would bring about havoc in the medicare program. congress has responded by enacting temporary one-year fixes. these temporary fixes only make the problem worse than next year. the result has been a cycle of ever increasing cuts followed by ever costlier fixes. this is not a mere problem with mere budgeting orificecal discipline. it's a kitchen table prob
is live in killeen, texas. >> if you zoom out, i can tell you really quickly, this is a massive military installation, more than three ended 50 square miles. the hospital you see right here is where many of the wounded came walking in on their own. others were walking in, some came in the ambulance, and one of the physicians was the captain here. quickly describe what you saw and heard when people started rolling in. >> in happened quickly, within 10 minutes or 15 minutes or so. we went from reports of a few wounded to about 30 in the emergency room, so it's very quickly happened. a lot of soldiers carrying others in her. they were bloody from being wounded. most of that i saw were coming through the emergency room, the most severe wounds to the torso, chest, and abdomen. >> allegations are that he walked into the center with two handguns and started shooting. you are hearing sirens go off, you guys are on deck. you do not know how many gunmen are out there at this point. >> the hardest part was not knowing what to expect. we see certain things, we know exactly how many are wounded, and
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